We are two freelance graphic designers with more than
10 years experience working for diverse design studios in London, Prague and Rio de Janeiro. Projects include retail, branding and editorial design for top brands like BMW, Electrolux, L'Oréal, Microsoft, Nestlé, NSPCC, Sanofi and Sky.

Please scroll down for a quick look at some past projects.


logo for pharmaceutical program

@Havas Life Medicom

the logo was developed as an organic, evolving identity for the
4 different stages of the program — from introduction to final implementation.

NWL Commissioning
Support Unit

services brochure
and pictogram set




a complete set of pictograms representing the services offered by the client was designed around the concept of a product tree.


the concept is also explored in the brochure, adding dynamism and colour to a somewhat dense copy.


visual identity
and webdesign for connectivity and cloud services provider

@Brocklebank Penn

three main concepts were identified as basis for this corporate identity project. they were then refined into graphic signs and finally synthesised into a single
strong logo.




Conexão Escola

visual communication project for experimental school





complete visual communication project including signage, environmental and print design for experimental school for

lower-classes teenagers in brazil.

BMW 1 Series DM

direct mailer
for BMW

@FCB Inferno




key selling points are highlighted on the cutaway design of the DM and then fully revealed after pulling the insert.

The tattooed book

book design

independent project


design and photography direction project focused on brazilian artists and their tattoos.


a group of 10 artists — including musicians, chefs, graffiti and fine artists — was invited to be portrayed in the book.


besides the
book design, this
self-assigned job also included the in-studio photography direction and the interviewing process, in which the artists talk about their tattoos and the intrinsic relation between their body art and the art form performed by themselves.

Plante essa idéia

corporate gift
for design center


- first prize at the
3rd Max Feffer prize — brazil

a corporate gift that creates an analogy between the design process and planting a flower. the water-resistant card can be folded and used as a vase for planting the enclosed seeds.


the instructions used are valid for both planting and developing a successful project, such as "give it enough foundation" and "water it on a regular basis to make it flourish".

Time Brasil

visual identity for the brazilian olympic team



proposed visual communication project for the brazilian olympic team, including logo, uniforms, promotional media, exhibition stands, stationery and video animations.

Sky Q3 2014

visual concept
for sky

@FCB Inferno


updated visual language for sky, with a more dynamic use of its glass panels and objects.

CG artworx

business presentation and minisite for print management group

@Cocoon Group


the use of lego-like characters in the presentation allows for a friendlier and lighter experience.

who we are

Marcelo Curvello

Milena Benevento





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